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You Are Home

What is the meaning of meaning? We all seem to be looking for it, searching for meaning. But what does that mean?

To some, the answer lies in religion. To others, the exact opposite; absolute rejection of handed-down dogma. Many find their solution somewhere in between.

This site is about the journeys taken in asking these questions and living the results. It has no religious bent or affiliation. Its only mission is to be a home for all things related to Soul and Spirit. A place to discover our real, individual natures and true places in the world. To have conversations, share experiences and encourage awakeness, consciousness and soul fullness.

That makes Us the Soul Seekers.


My Journey

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A Letter from my Mom

Dear Dakin It’s not been long since I’ve been gone.  You buried me last month.  And my being on this side, in this world, isn’t something that words can even explain.  But I didn’t write to explain where I am.  I’m writing to tell you a few things now, that I couldn’t tell you while I was alive, especially in those many years towards the end, when I wasn’t completely your mother. Life is mostly about working with what you… Continue Reading

Speed-dating Life

In the last moments before our annual sunset, I can’t help myself but sit in the warm glow of dusk and reflect on what’s been. Numerologically, 2017 was the first year of a new cycle. It broke anew from the rough — and for many, painful, torturous — end-of-cycle that was 2016. It was like that for me; a rebirth on so many fronts and in a lot of wonderful ways. 2018 is going to be the year of living… Continue Reading

Fear as motivator

I spent Sunday night doing what Sunday nights were invented for: I logged into my bank account, scrolled through my transactions and captured my expense amounts into the appropriate columns of an Excel spreadsheet called “2017 NEW CHAPTER Budget to Actuals.xls.” I had three months of catching up to do. That’s because I was head-down-busy becoming the world’s next creative force and “Don’t get defocused by such old-habit, trivial, real-world things as finances and livelihood, Dakin.” I’d used every excuse… Continue Reading

What do I know?
What do I know?
What do I know?

I know very little. I’m not a religious expert or a spiritual guru. I know that many have gone before and will come after, who have significant insights to offer. I know that I often get it wrong. But I also know that I want to know. To know more. I want to know what happens on the plane that we can’t see. What happens behind (and on top of and along with) existence. Where and how—and why—people have found… Continue Reading

Start with what you know

We’re sitting at a rooftop bar in Dar es Salaam overlooking the night-lit harbour. The foyer downstairs smells of clammy, sweet perfume, just like the bronze-crusted hotels in my childhood did. Colonial gold bangles jangle and slow music plays. Upstairs, two nothing-special drinks cost more than the six-plate meal George and I would share later, in a much rougher part of town. We’re on a middle date. The kind where we are already impressed by the other but still trying… Continue Reading

From Others

Inspiration comes from many different places. Here are some of ours.


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