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Put up the volume and dance

This song gets me going every. single. time.
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A Sound Journey

A Sound Journey is a way to shine healing energy into and throughout the body. It is a time for reflection, integration and resolution. It is magical. And it’s pretty easy to create your own (and send it to us to share) or to visit a sound healer who can create one for you, after getting to know you a bit better. Take some time for yourself, light and candle and press play to enjoy this Sound Journey. Gayatri MantraCalm Upon YouShoshanat HayekumEvolution RapMedicineThe Song of the ButterflySomewhere Over the Rainbow
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LP, we get lost with you!

Every break-up needs a soundtrack. For mine early in 2017, LP had the title track. And if overplayed digital music lost its quality and started stretching like the persistently rewound Neil Diamond Jazz Singer cassette tape of my childhood did, then this song would play in false notes and to melting beats. Fortunately, it doesn’t. The lyrics touch the deepest points in my soul and the song’s force rearm my inner warrior with worth and a fighting spirit. Thank you, LP.
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